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What are the "REAL" Bond, Real Estate, and Equity Valuations Vs the "Perceived" Market Valuations in the U.S.?   (as of Year End; 12-31-2014) 

First is a summary graph of the major asset categories.  This graph indicates the "Perceived" Market valuations for Bonds, Real Estate, and Equities individually (the bottom three lines).  Then, the top line is a summation of the three along with a line below it showing a total of the "Real" valuations for comparison.  Note the $35 Trillion gap (BUBBLES...)...!


Next is a graph of the "Perceived" total U.S. Equity Market valuation compared to the "Real" valuation.


Next is a graph of the total "Perceived" Market valuation of all U.S. Commercial and Residential Real Estate compared to the "Real" valuation.


Finally, a graph showing the total "Perceived" U.S. Bond Market valuation vs the "Real" valuation.


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